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Hypnotherapy for children is the perfect choice for treating both children and teenagers.  It provides relief from many types of problems experienced by the young including:

  1. Fear of the dark, fear of going to sleep due to nightmares, fear of dentist and fear of dogs etc.

  2. If there is a parental break up, new addition to the family, school life difficulties, exam nerves, bullying.

  3. Some children have habits like;

  4. Bed-wetting, nail biting, thumb sucking, stuttering, behavioural problems, eating, ADHD, autism, anxiety, aggression, sleep problems, self esteem issues and confidence issues.

As a child develops and grows through life they sometimes  experience situations or come across circumstances which are difficult to deal with because of their age, as they are not yet emotionally developed enough to deal with them. 

Theses feelings can then bottled up and produce symptoms, behaviours, habits, fears and phobias in a child or teenager.

Hypnotherapy can help ease or completely resolve your child’s problems with just a small number of sessions, the therapy is simple and effective. 

During the sessions your child or teenager will be in a friendly environment and feel relaxed and comfortable, they will not be asked to discuss their problem but will be encouraged to learn, develop and strengthen natural coping mechanisms using a child friendly version of the Rob Kelly Thrive Programme followed by a hypnotherapy session using the Blowaway technique or for older children a suitable hypnotherapy suggestion session. 

The Blowaway Technique is a non verbal technique, which helps children resolve their emotional problems.  Both children and teenagers can find it difficult to express their emotions, in younger children, they are too young to explain and understand and with older children, they may be too embarrassed by their problem and unable to discuss it. 

During the session your child symbolically “blows away” any unpleasant emotions and anxieties that arise during the session.  Young people find it easy to use their imagination, therefore expressing their emotion, without having to say anything.  The Blowaway Technique will help them to get “things off their chest”, which they may not be able to do elsewhere.

At all times your (under the age of 18) child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian,  these sessions are also hugely beneficial to the parent or guardian as they help the you overcome your worries you have for your child. 

Any child or teenager with an emotional problem will benefit from this type of hypnotherapy, please feel free to contact us on Richard 0800 1777 556 or Sarah 0800 1777 557 for a chat to discuss how hypnotherapy will help your child.

Hypnotherapy for children & teenagers in Lincoln Lincolnshire

A safe and effective and hugely beneficial treatment for both children and teenagers

Hypnotherapy for children provides relief from many types of problems including:

  1. Lack of confidence

  2. Bedwetting

  3. Nail biting

  4. School life problems

  5. Aggression

  6. Thumb sucking

  7. Bullying

  8. Stutters and stammers

  9. Eating problems and disorders

  10. Behavioural problems

  11. Parental break ups

  12. Exam nerves

  13. Fear of the dark

  14. Fear of sleep due to nightmares

  15. ADHD

  16. Autism

  17. Fear of the dentist

  18. Anxiety

  19. Fear of dogs

  20. New additions to the family

  21. Skin problems

hypnotherapy for kids in lincoln lincolnshire
hypnotherapy for children in lincoln lincolnshire

Would you like to help your child to overcome their emotional issues and allow then to move on and become a happy healthy self confident individual? 

Teenagers and young adults can resolve their emotional problems easily with hypnosis

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