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hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnobirthing and The Thrive Programme in Lincoln Lincolnshire
hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnobirthing and The Thrive Programme in Lincoln Lincolnshire

Welcome to Positively Hypnotherapy!

Hypnotherapy Fees - in Lincoln Lincolnshire

Initial Consultation: FREE

Contact usto find out more about how hypnotherapy & The Thrive Programme can help you. Book a free 30-40 minute consultation ether in-person or Online Via Skype.  This free friendly session is without any obligation to proceed with therapy, and is very informal. A consultation is not necessary for smoking cessationAppointments are now available online via Skype click here to book yours

Stop Smoking: £295 one session

Quit smoking with Positively Hypnotherapy in one single session. As well as hypnosis, this session explores the real psychological motivations for smoking. It is only difficult to quit smoking if you go about it the wrong way. So to quit the cigs for good contact us or call us now on 0800 1777 556 or 0800 1777 557.

The Thrive Programme: £795 for a course.

A course of training providing you with the necessary self insight and ability to manage your thinking to overcome both minor and major limiting beliefs and problems including stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fears and phobias, ME, CFS, PTSD, weight loss, etc.  (Also available Thrive for Teens)


Gastric Band Hypnosis: £795 for the course. 

A complete hypnotherapy programme where YOU can learn how to reduce stress and take control of YOUR eating and weight loss and using Gastric Band visualisation and suggestions to help you lose weight permanently.   

Suggestion Therapy: £195 (over 1 double or 2 single sessions)

A double or two single session therapy aimed at giving you a real confidence boost to overcome minor problems. So if you have a presentation, exam, driving test, competition approaching, or just need a kick start to lose some weight etc, why not give yourself the edge? 

Hypnotherapy for Children The Blowaway: £95 per session

An empowering session for children incorporating a children's version of changing limiting beliefs and a 'Blowaway' session for the resolution of emotional and behavioural problems ranging from phobias, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, confidence and a lot more beside.  Suitable for Primary aged children and their parents/carers.

Hypnosis for Childbirth Programme: £795 for the course.

An in-depth childbirth preparation programme focussing on reducing fear and anxiety around birth.  Using a combination of positive applied psychology and hypnotherapy for birth, Mums, Dads and Babies can experience less stress, less discomfort and an altogether more positive birthing experience.   For Group Hypnobirthing Workshops & Home Study Course visit www.positivelyblooming.com

Forensic Hypnosis: £120 per session

A single or double session therapy aimed at assisting the recall of blocked out events and memories.

Critical Incident Debriefing: £120 per session

Helping you overcome traumatic incidents and experiences - for example road traffic accidents, industrial accidents, emergency responders and armed forces.

Ways to pay

Payments can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.  Payment should be made in full in advance or in some cases on a per session basis, for this option fees are paid one session in advance.  Please note payment for the stop smoking session is required in cash on the day of your appointment.

Cancellation Policy - Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full session fee.

Contact Us

Contacting us is easy and we offer a completely FREE initial consultation both in-person and Online Via Skype.  So if you would like to meet and discuss how hypnotherapy may help you to resolve your problem we will be happy to hear from you. 

During the consultation you will have the chance to be completely honest about how you feel without having to be worried about other peoples feeling or be embarrassed as you will not be judged or criticised. 

Once you have explained how things really are for you and we have discussed the the therapy options available to you, you can then make an informed choice on what you want to do. 

To arrange a consultation or to book an appointment contact us directly, if we are with clients, you can leave a confidential message on the answer phone and we will return your call as soon as possible. 

Appointments are now available Online via Skype to book your free friendly consultation over Skype click here and select the time and date that suits you best.

hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnobirthing and The Thrive Programme in Lincoln Lincolnshire
hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnobirthing and The Thrive Programme in Lincoln Lincolnshire

hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnobirthing and The Thrive Programme in Lincoln Lincolnshire

Sarah Brent D.Hyp MIAPH

Freephone 0800 1777 557

Mobile 07908 765745

Email  sarah@positivelyhypnotherapy.co.uk

hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnobirthing and The Thrive Programme in Lincoln Lincolnshire

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