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Welcome to Positively Hypnotherapy!

Stop smoking easily in one single session with hypnotherapy in Lincoln Lincolnshire

Quitting Smoking: Has the time come for you to Stop Smoking?

Give up smoking using the stop smoking easily in just one session, Rob Kelly programme, in Lincoln, Lincolnshire; without side effects, without negative side effects, without cravings, withdrawal symptoms or weight gain. In one simple session you can quit that habit of smoking easily, enjoyably and more importantly effectively!!!

What makes the Stop Smoking Easily session so successful?

The unique stop smoking easily session is so successful because we ensure that before commencing with the hypnosis part of the session our clients have a full understanding of the psychological issues that make it difficult to stop smoking. This makes this method of giving up smoking ideal for those smokers’ who would like to quit smoking, but do not believe they can without it having a negative impact on their lives, whether that be through weight gain or irritability bought on by withdrawal symptoms. As a result the session is split into two parts:

Firstly, an in-depth discussion on the motivations and benefits of smoking. During this discussion we look at both the benefits (yes benefits) of smoking and also the smokers’ perceived benefits of quitting cigarettes and their smoking habit. Also, a full explanation of why smokers who quit with the aid of hypnosis and hypnotherapy do not suffer nicotine withdrawal symptoms, cravings for cigarettes or gain weight.

The second part of the session uses hypnosis and the amazing powers of suggestion therapy, to assist you to quit your smoking habit with ease.

The given in this part of the session are positively phrased. Unlike some other therapies we do not use any aversion material, so you need not worry about , after the session, having the taste of burning rubber whenever you smell cigarette or cigar smoke.

Instead all of the suggestions given during the hypnosis session are positively phrased to allow you to stop smoking easily, without withdrawal symptoms, cigarette and nicotine cravings, or gaining weight.

This no nonsense practical life

changing session that puts you

back in control of your thoughts,

impulses and beliefs about smoking,

making you a non smoker.

You can stop smoking easily in just one session


  1. without side effects

  2. without negative feeling

  3. without cravings

  4. without the need for gum

  5. without withdrawal symptoms

  6. without needing willpower

  7. without the need for patches

  8. without the need for zyban

You can do this easily regardless of

how long you’ve smoked

how many you‘ve smoked

why you think you smoke

You can change your belief system and become a non smoker

Stop Smoking Easily in just one session using the Rob Kelly Method.  It is totally different to any other smoking cessation technique or intervention available: it's very quick, inexpensive, there are no side effects or withdrawal symptoms - and it has a very high - 95% success rate. 

The method is a no-nonsense, practical, life-changing experience, that puts YOU back in the the driving seat, and back in control of your thoughts, impulses and beliefs about smoking - making it very easy to stop.

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giving up smoking in lincoln lincolnshire
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